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Your Inspiration at Home

Your Inspiration at Home

Clients Testimonial

I am back from overseas and was able to open the package awaiting me. I am absolutely delighted and wanted to send a big thank you for my wonderful prize.
I feel very grateful, especially as it was a Mother’s Day competition and I lost my dear Mum late March. She is obviously looking out for me, but thank you for the opportunity to win!
Wishing you continued success in your important, informative and special work.


Just wanted to say thanks for really opening my eyes yesterday to what I’m feeding my kids and how that is affecting their health and behaviour.
Now I understand the effect of the additives my dissatisfaction with manufacturers is really high! Together we looked at the additives in what we are eating every day and we are all shocked at the crap hidden in what I considered to be relatively healthy foods.
With your guides I’m looking forward to shopping for additive-free options and I can’t wait to see the difference in my kids’ health and behaviour. Thank you!


I have just received my package of books. So excited! They are fantastic and have come at such a great time. Will highly recommend to all. Thank you!


Just got my parcel from Additive Free Pantry. Great books and very, very interesting. Seriously, this should be given to every person a soon as they find out they are pregnant! Thanks for the fast delivery Tanya 🙂


I ordered and received your books the other day and they are amazing! The shopping guide is so handy with alternatives to products that have nasty additives. Having 2 boys both with asthma, the oldest having skin problems as well and the youngest being VERY active, I try and eliminate as much as possible. Your books certainly help with making things a little easier in an industry that is so confusing for parents.
I have ordered tickets for your Adelaide show so cant wait to learn more!
Thank you again